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Thunder Smack & Pink Daddy

Big Ropes 

Rue ( Big Rope)  and Prism 

Blue tri merle big rope female (Purple Collar) She carries Pink! Ata n/A BB nn dd Ee no brindle one copy of pied.  Full Akc 15K NO pet price on her sorry. Her deposit to reserve is  $1000


I'm Taken

Blue and tan pied female Big Rope (Orange Collar) atat Bb dd EM/e  s/s no brindle $15K Full Akc  $5000 Pet  Deposit to reserve $1000

I'm Taken!

Blue and tan merle female (Pink Collar)  Ata BB dd EM/EM no brindle no pied $6000 full akc  Pet Akc $5000 

I'm Taken 


Blue and tan merle female (Yellow collar)  Ata Bb n/co dd Em/Em no brindle n/S  Full Akc $6500 Pet Akc $5000


I'm Taken 

Blue and tan pied female (Hot Pink collar) Ata BB n/co dd EM/EM ss no brindle $6500 full Akc $5000 pet Akc 


SFLK Sour Puss and SFLK Skid Row 

One Fluffy female and One blue male 


Our amazing Nano/Mini Fluffy girl she is ayat Bb Dd Coco, She will stay at SFLK unless the right offer comes in nothing under $20k 

Sour's handsome boy he's ata Bb Coco dd kbrky Full Akc $4500 Pet Akc $3000

Hood Rat and Skid Row 

SFLK Rug Rat she's an amazing blue and tan fluffy Nano! She will stay at SFLK Family!
ata dd Bb Coco May consider a Co own for the right price!


I'm Taken 
Nano/mini Black and tan merle female ata Dd Coco Bb Dna pending for longhair $15k full akc Pet $5000

Dad is Mr. Ego a black brindle big rope Mom is coco she is a Rojo brindle 


I'm Taken
Red fawn big rope male we didn't DNA him mom is a Rojo brindle and dad is a brindle both parents carry color $2500 pet $3000 full akc 

I'm Taken 
Black brindle big rope male $2500 pet $3000 full akc 

I'm Taken
Blue fawn male $2000 Pet 

          All pups below have found homes       


I am reserved 

Platinum Boy with blue eyes Pet or Akc  $4000


I am reserved 

Blue fawn boy  Pet or Akc $4000

I'm Reserved 

Blue Brindle female  Pet  or Akc $4500


I am reserved 

Cream female Pet or Akc  $3500

Heaven she is a black tri wrapped in cream carries blue,coco and testable brown.

Heaven gave us 7 beautiful babies on 08/09/22

Mula the stud owned by Danny (Thefrenchise). Mula is a Rojo tri carries coco and blue (Double chocolate)


Rojo and tan female  DNA atat  bb coco DD EMe n/KB NN  $15k Full Akc  


Rojo and tan male DNA Ata bb coco Dd EMe KB NS L1  $25k or $15k and 3 stud credits or $12,500 on a co own 

I'm stay at SFLK future stud!

Rojo merle male DNA Ata bb Dd coco EMe KB NS L1 



Chocolate and Tan female DNA  atat Bb coco DD EMe  no brindle no pied $7k full Akc $5000 pet Akc 



Rojo merle male DNA  aa bb coco DD EMe no brindle no pied L1 $20k 


Lliac and tan Merle female DNA Ata Bb coco dd EMe Kb NN $8500  full akc $4000 pet

MC and Hammer Litter 

An Idea Is Born

Hammer Time is dd Ata Coco and fuffy one copy of pied and one copy of brindle standing at 16.7 lbs. Famous for producing minis!


She is aa, coco, Dd carrying one copy of pied no brindle 24 lbs 

Dreams are born!

2 Solid lilac boys, 1 solid lilac female and 1 lilac pied  female 

Will send dna off at 2 weeks old pending long hair!

Will start taking deposits at 2,5 weeks old.


Lilac tri boy carries long hair DNA  ata dd coco Pet $4000 Full Akc $6500

DOB 06/20/22

                   I am reserved

Blue boy DNA  ata Coco  $4000 Pet $5000 Full Akc 

DOB 06/20/22


Lilac female ata dd coco Pet $4000 Full Akc $5500

DOB 06/20/22

I am reserved 

Lilac pied female ata  L1. She can produce a rainbow of color fluffies! 

$10,500 full akc  DOB 06/20/22

Hell and Hustle 


Hell is a lilac tri that carries testable and cream 19 lbs 

Our First Employee


Hussle is a lilac tri merle that carries long hair and testable.

Owned by Danny (thefrenchise)


My Heart 

New Shade and tan female  full  Akc  $20K

DOB 07/05/22

I am reserved!

Platinum Pearls 

Platinum Female Pet $4000 Full Akc $5000