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Updating in progress 05/27/24

Thank you for your patience!

Exciting news we have new babies!

Big ropes

velvet big ropes 

standards and all colors!



We are a small family that loves making people happy! We love our fur family members like our children! All our babies are raised inside the house with us and pre-spoiled to be prepaired for their future loving home with you!

We provide high-quality dog care service​s


Before they are even born, they are loved through mom and dad! Once born its all hands on deck as a family, we spend every hour nurturing them and helping mom be the best mom possible! They are raised in our custom nursery  room where we watch them grow. We hear the first growls, their first barks, we see their first attempts at standing and walking tumbling and rolling till they walk, then run! Once running around the kids then can play and love on then the next step is at 8 weeks going to their furever home!

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Animal Genetics


We as breeders do our best to better the breed, to produce healthy puppies from choosing the best of the best by health testing, and confirmation. We go above and beyond to make sure we provide each family with a healthy, happy, loving family pet!

Our customers ​

Here at Smushed face love kennel we strive to provide our customers with puppy love from our family to yours! We do our research so we can pass on our knowledge and experiences so as to know how to keep you forever fur baby healthy and safe. As our customer, we will always be honest and caring and treat y'all like we would want to be treated. We promise to always be only a text/call away for support. The best feeling in the world is when our customer/family member, send pictures and info on how happy they are and how loved they are by their puppy and human!

You can Google us for reviews! 

Smushed face love kennel

Conroe Tx 

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